HappinessWelcome to my world! A little off-kilter and odd, just like most things in my life. My world and interests mainly reside in the arsty-fartsy climate of metal work jewelry, “junking” and photography. Although, as I age, I also find myself longing to cook more things on the grill, spend less time dusting and hit the road to have some vintage camper trailer adventures to places in this country I have yet to see.  My family is made up of “Red” (my dear and amazingly understanding husband) and our two four-legged kids; Emma and Olive. Ironically, Olive is the inspiration for the name of this life-journal and Red and I have had many a conversation at her names’ expense when we realized that, when said with the proper emphasis, sounded more like “I love” – hence, olive.my.life was born. I don’t like the word “blog” because this is not a “web log” – besides your face looks weird when you say it. This will, however be a place for me to call home and share all the things I love about my life. I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s prime-time I focused on the positive. If you’re one of the few to read this, then I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!

– J.B.