camping-in-styleAs I approach adulthood – oh, heck who am I kidding, I’m pulling it along behind me – I really have begun to have a yearning to hit the open road in style. With no address to speak of – just imagine all the junk mail that will never find me and “Red”!

I remember as a kid growing up in Florida seeing a bumper sticker that read – “Retired: no clock, no deadlines, no stress!” At my young age, I couldn’t begin to understand why someone who had retired didn’t have the need for an alarm clock. However, (a number of) years later I can definitely appreciate the “no alarm clock” mentality of retirement. I know not having a set time to get up has its appeal, but when I retire – I still want a reason to get up each day. I figure when the time is right, “Red” and I will sell the homestead, pack up our artistic talents, our four legged “kids” and hit the art show circuit. That way, we have a reason to get up and a reason to see the country – going from one art show to the next selling our handmade “chachkies”!

For now – alarm clock free weekends will have to do.

– J.B.