grilling_toolsI have numerous fond memories involving my father grilling out during the summer months in our backyard in NY. Some may scoff at his way of lighting a grill – but I tell you, it always worked. We had a little cast iron hibachi grill, some charcoal and … a little jar of gasoline. I will say that the charcoal NEVER failed to light and I’m sure by the time we were ready to stick the hot dogs, hamburgers or whatever on the grill – most of the gas had burned off (I think?). It also didn’t matter if it was a nice evening or raining – grilling out was just as fun. It was a time to sit around and talk with family and friends. No stress of the day weighing you down, just the joys of good food and great company.

girls-roastIt also amazes me how certain scents can bring back memories of those lazy summer nights –  the smell of chlorine on a towel once you got out of the pool, the scent of Sea & Ski suntan lotion and fresh cut grass are just a few that come to my mind – but the one that does my soul good is the smell of the grill right before my favorite part of the evening occurred – roasting marshmallows with my dad. I would always add some dried leaves to the coals to get them going again. And, who cared that every once in a while you got your marshmallow a little too close to the hot coals and got a little charcoal on it. Mom always said, “…don’t worry, a little charcoal won’t kill ya!”

Here’s to the last of the warm summer nights, lightning bugs and the fun of roasting marshmallows.

– J.B.