weddingBeing a self-described lover of fall, pretty much explains why “Red” and I were married during the month of October. I thought what better time of year than one that is completely alive with color, has air cooled by light northern breezes and contains promises of… college football – yep, you read that right and I bet you didn’t see that one coming?! “Red” and I were college football fans long before we ever met. He, a Ohio State fan and me, a Florida fan. Not exactly a match made in football heaven, but as is true with every good marriage compromise and understanding one another is a must. We also learned that laughter is a great foundation for our marriage. I imagine that we’ll be one of “those” couples that will sit around the old-folks-home making snide little comments about the other residents, making rude noises and laughing at inappropriate times. I also plan to try to keep “Red” on his toes for a long time to come – hiding dentures or turning down hearing aids will probably lead to a snicker and/or snort of laughter every once in a while. “Red” made the determination early on in our relationship that we were compatible in every way, including our warped senses of humor. He told friends from the beginning that – “if we’re both laughing when you walk up to us, watch out – more than likely we’re laughing at you.”

Eastern_Grey_Squirrel_in_St_James's_Park,_London_-_Nov_2006_edit“Red” is also the kind a guy that can make you laugh during even the most serious of moments. Take our wedding day. He knew that things had been tense all day as the preparations for our late afternoon, smallish outdoor event progressed. He knew that I was stressed because the decorating had taken a little longer than expected and had shortened the time I had to get ready. I had promised myself one thing – I would NOT be late to my own wedding. I tried my best to “relax and enjoy” just like everyone kept telling me, but to no avail. By the time I had reached the preacher and had turned to face my future husband, he could clearly see that I was on the brink of tears – and “Red” being himself, during the middle of the preacher’s opening speech about coming together to witness this event – simply smiled and whispered the word “squirrel” to me. At the moment, my focus changed, tears dried up and I snorted slightly – much to my future mother-in-laws chagrin. To this day, when “Red” sees that things are getting a little too serious, he knows that only a “squirrel” can make me laugh.

Love ya “Red”, from your squirrel.

– J.B.