notebook-on-woodI have a confession of sorts –

Hi, my name is J.B. Laudenbacher and I’m a list maker.

Whether it’s grocery shopping, packing for a trip or cleaning the house – a list must be created. I started this in college as a way to remember all the things I needed to get done for a class… and it sort of blossomed later in life to include just about everything I do. As you can imagine, I was COMPLETELY overjoyed when I discovered those great little sticky notes in college and I’m probably the major reason why they’re still in business. My desk at work and my studio at home are filled with sticky notes. I have a few rules that apply to others when they come across my sticky notes and lists – don’t ever move them, don’t add anything to them (a different handwriting will confuse me) and don’t EVER throw them away – I’d say that one might be my top priority. I can’t tell you how many times I thought that I had finished everything on my list, only to realize I hadn’t and..oops it was already in the trash, AARGH! As you also imagine, I’ve now fallen in love with the electronic version for my desktop – but I’m still a pencil and paper kinda gal at heart.

Having lived the majority of my life by lists, you can also imagine that I am completely enamored by the notion of a bucket list. We all have one, whether you call it a bucket list or not – formally written down or not. It’s those few (or many) things that we really want to be able to say we’ve done in our lifetime. I’m also not sure why we can become obsessed with making lists of favorite things to do, but not following through on actually DOING them. My theory on bucket lists is that they’re only good if you actually attempt to do some of the things you’ve listed!

So as you can imagine, it was going to be inevitable that I would feed my need for a list. To that end, I’ve created a to-do or bucket list for fall that I’d thought I would share – in no particular order.


  • Have a bonfire and make s’mores
  • Take a hike during the height of the leaf season and bring a camera
  • Read a scary story or go “ghost hunting”
  • Make caramel apples, apple pie and apple turnovers
  • Go on a hayride and picnic with friends
  • Wear a comfy sweatshirt and go to a football game
  • Try a new soup/stew or chili recipe
  • Visit the farmers market to pick out a pumpkin to carve
  • Learn how to can vegetables for the winter
  • Make pumpkin bread to share with others
  • Read a good book on the deck while avoiding getting hit by acorns
  • Go for a walk in the brisk fall air with “Red” and Olive.
  • Go apple picking in the mountains and drink hot chocolate on the ride home

– J.B.