favor-collageWhen I was looking for wedding favors, I came across a multitude of different ideas. Dove salt and pepper shakers, personalized picture frames, mini mixed drinks, even seedlings of the couples favorite plants. I had no idea there were some many different things to choose from when it came to favors. I also remember that my mom had mentioned to me that she had been to several weddings earlier in the year and had wound up taking home an assortment of little chachkies that were initially on the kitchen counter, then bathroom counter and eventually wound up in the trash – when they were in the way.

There were several things that I wanted my guests to take away from our wedding day – good memories, a smile on their face – but the last thing I wanted was for them to take home something that I had meticulously picked out or fretted over – only to have it stashed in a drawer or thrown away on the next trash day. I also wanted something that I could easily put together myself without a lot of fuss or muss.

My solution – something they could eat! I began scouring the internet for ideas and settled on something that felt season specific and even a little fun. My good friend had even mentioned to me that her two girls loved these AND there would be no cooking and very low assembly time on my part. S’mores!

smores-inspirationShe and her girls were right – they were easy to put together, packaged for portability and could be used right away. No worry over these being forgotten somewhere or that they would be treated as leftover trinkets found weeks (or months) later to be sheepishly thrown away. Honestly, until right before my wedding I hadn’t even tried s’mores, but I had it on good authority (kids under 12 are great for that) that they tasted really good. The girls (and their dad) had also offered to “take off my hands” any that were left over after the wedding. They’re such good kids!

12-unique-wedding-favorsUnfortunately, neither I nor our photographer managed to capture one on film before the wedding was over, so I’ve taken liberties with a picture on the left because it’s really close to what we had on our big day. My tag read simply S’more love for you – with our thanks!

Oh, and in case you’re curious, I did actually try and love s’mores. Many thanks to my two young wedding favor¬†connoisseurs …Kelly and Ashley!

– J.B.