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t-shirtsOne of the things that I noticed about “Red” when we first met, was that this man had one heck of a t-shirt collection. I’m not talking about a few – I’m talking closer to a few hundred or so. Seems that everything that he’s done or likes – has him winding up with a “hanging memory” of the event or item. Most, as expected, are Ohio State in nature – but he does have a few others.

Recently, he decided (with some minor persuasion on my part – yes, guilty as charged) to give up some of the collection. I guess he decided that our walk-in closet was starting to get a bit cramped and maybe, just maybe, he needed to downsize a bit. While he was deciding which t-shirts to sacrifice, I remembered a sewing project idea I had come across some time ago. A mom, whose oldest child was heading off to college, took all of her sons previous sports jerseys and made a large quilted blanket. Mom was happy because she freed up valuable closet and drawer space and her son, was ecstatic that he had a memory blanket.

OSUquiltLuckily, “Red” was up for the idea when I mentioned it …and good for me that his t-shirts have had a pampered life – hanging in the dark, moth-free closet. My goal is to provide him with some sense of “relief” that his t-shirts may be gone, but they are not forgotten.  When I have his memory blanket complete – I’ll post photos. Until then, enjoy a picture I found on the web of one way beyond my skill level – in other words gorgeous – and a t-shirt memory quilt tutorial by blogger Lil Blue Boo as well.

I’m also thinking that a cute little bag like this (tutorial here), is in my future!Ohio State

– J.B.