335_Crying-Kid-Santas-LapSo, why is it that as we age we lose our ability to believe in Santa? I can remember as a child being terrified of Santa. Not sure when that exactly happened, but I do recall making my mom stand in line at the local department store waiting patiently for my turn to sit in Santa’s lap. When I was finally at the front of the line, I also recall being so terrified to sit in his lap – that I cried and had to be taken back to my mom.

When I turned 17 – I rewarded my mom with her very first (and only) picture of me sitting on Santa’s lap – although let it be known I did not wait in line with the under ten crowd at the local mall. The Santa in question was my high school history teacher and we were raising money for our spring history trip by selling “pictures with Santa”. On a whim, I had mine taken and gave it to my mom that year for Christmas.

feature_love_life_largeMy impulsiveness at the age of 17 in getting my picture finally taken with Santa only proves to me that I finally chose to let that fear go – although a little too late for my mom and dad to enjoy that particular Christmas time tradition.  I think as we age we not only lose some of our childhood inhibitions and fears, but we also lose our ability to dream big. As children, we have little reserve about dreaming big – in fact we are encouraged. Why else would we respond to the question about what we would like to be when we grow up with a resounding answer of – “a fireman, policeman, doctor or president”. Where does that exuberance go when we reach adulthood? Why is it that we replace our childhood fears of Santa with those adult fears we have about of never amounting to more in life. I say – dream big regardless of your age and live a little! It’s never too late in life to live your dream.

It took me until the age of 41 to find the perfect man …and I’m glad I waited. He nurtures my creativity, protects my heart and alleviates my fears. I guess, at times, he is exactly what was on the top of my Christmas list to Santa – someone to watch over me and love me for who I am.

letter_santaWith it being a couple of days before Christmas, I want to return to the tradition of writing Santa “a letter” of what I would like for Christmas. It won’t list any tangible items – but it will list those things that I would hope for in the coming year.

Dear Santa,
This year my list is short, but my hopes are big! I would like for my creativity to soar to new heights and take me places I’ve not been. I would like to have more patience and understanding when it comes to dealing with those that have neither and above all, health and happiness for everyone I know and love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!